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Dear customer,

We are a French web design company established in south East asia (Thailand>Pattaya).
We do small, medium and large web sites from a few pages up to 1000 of articles and 10000 pictures.
Dear customer,
selecting a web design contractor to build your web site is not an easy task, even for a computer freak!

Let us guide you in this difficult process. Basically a web site is build of 3 componants :

  • 1) The design itself :
  • 2) The content management :
  • 3) The search engine optimization (SEO).

1) The design itself :
This is what you see and usually it is quite obvious to rate a design. Some businesses require an excellent design. In terms of price, there is a huge gap between a good and an excellent design.

2) The content management :
A content management is a piece of software allowing you to modify and update your web site by your own, with very little knowledge in web design!!!

A good content management software shall be :

  • extremely user friendly
  • Quick to operate in terms of time required to perform an update or add up new articles
  • Powerful in term of graphic possibilities

With our content management control panel, weh are very competitive on the above 3 points...

3) The search engine optimization (SEO).

Basically, if you want to get new customers from you web site only, you need to have an excellent ranking in the search engines. Depending on your sector of activities, a top ranking on selected keywords can be a long and difficult process.

To us, each project and each customer is unique and requires specific solutions. Therefore, our entire projects are custom tailored to meet the needs of our clients. What ever custom solution you may need, we always guide and train our clients in order for them to progress by there own means. As far as possible, we do recommend a powerful content management system to enable you to fully control and adjust your marketing campaign and most importantly, keep the control of your business in your own hands.
Once the website is completed, most of our customers, hire us again to add even more value to their website thus optimizing their site for search engines (SEO).

For further information's, please contact us here

Thank you for your time. With regards,

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